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8 Nov 2016

Fall is a season of abundance, the season where we reap what we have sown and cared for through the spring and summer(...)

28 Sep 2016

Sulfate-free shampoos are popping up everywhere these days.  You might have even seen the claim on commercial consumer personal care products.  But what exactly are sulfates and why should you want to avoid them?

Sulfates are synthetic ingredients derived from mineral or vegetable sources that are...

16 Aug 2016

Last August 6th and 7th, more than 500 people had the chance to visit our gardens, to learn more about the wildcrafted and cultivated plants that we use in our products (...)

25 Jul 2016

Who doesn’t like receiving fresh flowers?  The ephemeral beauty of a bouquet can elicit a smile, make you cry or warm up the heart, but can it change the world? (...)

20 Jun 2016

Il y a quelques mois, nous avons rencontré les élèves de 5e et 6e année de l’école Saint-François-d’Assise de Frelighsburg et nous leur avons demandé de nous partager comment ils voyaient leur village. Voici leurs textes :


20 Apr 2016

It was with peas - that is to say, the seeds of Pisum sativum - that Gregor Mendel established during the second half of the 19th century a law that would lay the foundation of modern genetic research: the characteristics of individuals can be transmitted from one generation (...)

15 Dec 2015

Completely in line with our mission and our environmental values, bulk is part of Oneka’s DNA. What do we mean by bulk? Two things: unbottled products, and large quantities. For us, it’s the obvious choice. Why buy more and more plastic when you can choose bulk and refill your container (...)

3 Nov 2015

November. Middle of fall but we're in the last miles before winter. We invite you to participate to our first instagram contest by sharing your favorite moment during your activity.

Whether it be a flame for yoga, meditation, biking, running, hiking or other activities not mention? Simply share the...

27 Oct 2015

A native plant can be wild, but a wild plant isn’t necessarily native. So unless you keep the Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers by your bedside, you might mix both up sometimes. We call “native”plant species that were growing here prior to European contact, the same way we call “native” indigenous people...

24 Sep 2015

Summer is already on its way out. Leaves are changing colours, the sun is getting more and more shy and the temperature is slowly starting to drop. Don’t worry - it’s perfectly normal that your hair changes too!

4 Dec 2014

Dead or uprooted trees from our hemlock forest provide a great amount of needles for us to distillate. This process procures us with readily available natural ingredients from which we create pure essences for Oneka products.

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