Bulking up

Completely in line with our mission and our environmental values, bulk is part of Oneka’s DNA. What do we mean by bulk? Two things: unbottled products, and large quantities. For us, it’s the obvious choice. Why buy more and more plastic when you can choose bulk and refill your container without altering the quality of the product, merely acting on the way the product is distributed? Selling bulk also allows us to concentrate even more on our mission, which is to offer effective and natural care products, not sell plastic!

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Some challenges

Let’s be honest: bulk is still a niche product, not yet mainstream. If it has sometimes been in fashion, this way of life is still mainly marginal.
Today, bulk buying is often associated to food. No one is surprised to find tea, nuts, coffee, spices available in bulk, but is hasn’t spread to many other commercial activities yet.
Obstacles still stand in the way of bulk. In this one-stop-shop era, it is a challenge for consumers to go out of their way to refill their containers, comparing to the ease of picking up one more item during their weekly shopping.
However, a very simple solution exists, saving time and money: get a larger container! When you love a product and you need to buy it year around, why not buy a great quantity of it and then avoid wasting money and time on plastic and travel? The bigger the container, the bigger the savings: bulk can help you save up to 40% on costs!

As for retailers, what could put them off selling bulk? Well, rough-looking, leaky dispensers and the extra managing and upkeep they require could be quite a deterrent, understandably. This is why Oneka wants to provide store managers with well-designed and sleek looking dispensers, eliminating the need to constantly clean the refilling area while pleasing the eye.
Here is the challenge: bulk has to be more appealing, more practical. It must offer both a great look and an easy consumer experience.


Oneka in hotels

For 7 years now, Oneka has offered its products in over 130 Canadian stores, 30 of which already sell bulk. However, the idea of soon entering the hospitality industry (as of 2016) inspired us to seriously think about bulk. Just imagining all those single-use plastic bottles gave us the shivers.
High-end hotels are sometimes reluctant to install body care product dispensers, afraid they could look as if they are lowering their standards. That’s why bulk’s popularity won’t improve without education. The best way to rule out objections is to present the product, create fact sheets, but mostly to offer sleek and practical dispensers.
To achieve this, we can count on a partnership with Baléco, an environmentally responsible business distributing its own environmentally friendly household cleaning products as well as our Oneka body care products.


Choosing bulk

We believe bulk reduces our environmental impact and represents money and time saving for consumers. For us, bulk is a way to achieve balance and to minimize the impact of our growth.
In order to reduce our ecological footprint, recycling waste is-—of course-—important, but opting for upstream solutions and reducing waste at the root is paramount.
Choosing bulk is not without its challenges. The key to success? A product that is environmentally friendly, natural, and effective offered in a sleek-looking and user-friendly dispenser.


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