Distillation of hemlock essential oil

Dead or uprooted trees from our hemlock forest provide a great amount of needles for us to distillate. This process procures us with readily available natural ingredients from which we create pure essences for Oneka products.

Last spring, we worked with the family business Zayat Aroma to extract oil from hemlock needles.

Mikael Zayat is a world-renowned pioneer in integral aromatherapy. Five years ago, Eloi, his eldest son, created the company Zayat Aroma and thus combined the family know-how to provide first-grade essential oils and natural essences.

A native tree in Eastern Canada, the Eastern hemlock, also called Tsuga Canadensis, grows from Alabama and Georgia to southern Quebec and Nova Scotia. It is most abundant in the north and in low altitude on very moist soils.

In the end, the essential oil of hemlock is found in synergy in our Oneka - Cedar and Sage line.